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For all regular tournaments:

2019 calendar of events

Pasadena Chess Club: cross tables for all club tournaments
Annual club membership dues are $25 for adults
Annual club membership dues are $15 for junior members (under 18)
Standard tournament entry fee is $20
Entry fee for the Club Championship will be $25
Entry fee for 7 round tournaments (if we have any) will be $25
Entry fee for 8 round tournaments (if we have any) will be $30
No admittance to the building before 7:00 PM
Round starting time is 7:15 PM
Dr. Richard Lewis Memorial 6 rounds
Four Sections
40 moves in 90 minutes followed by game/30, 10-second time delay
Arrive by 7:00 PM to register before round 1. USCF & club membership required

2019: PCC Final Standings
2019: USCF Rated Final Standings

2019 Dr. Richard Lewis Memorial prizes

Top Section
1st: Tommy Wen
2nd: Teddie Wen
3rd-4th: Raymond Armagnac
3rd-4th: Daniel Manahan
5th (tie): Alan Severino
5th (tie): Marius Lucan
5th (tie): Jessie Victoria
5th (tie): Lawrence Stevens
5th (tie): Randall Hough
5th (tie): Isaac Martinez

Open Section
1st: Philip Leung
2nd-4th: Raphael Manahan
2nd-4th: Alidar Kuchukov
2nd-4th: Arturo Armagnac
5th (tie): Eric Libicki
5th (tie): Alec Spencer
5th (tie): Marchand Spector

Middle Section
1st: Nathan Gan
2nd: Thomas Zhao
3rd-4th: Anna Lin
3rd-4th: David Faulkner
5th-8th: Patrick Giles, Jr.
5th-8th: Bertram Buggs
5th-8th: Steve Conant
5th-8th: Zhiqin Jiang

Junior Section
1st (tie): James Maxwell Lyle
1st (tie): Jake Vigil
1st (tie): Ishan Prabhu
1st (tie): Sofia Vigil
2nd: Isaac Zhang
3rd (tie): Erik Kalodji
3rd (tie): Jevin John
3rd (tie): Julian Kuo
3rd (tie): Zhanibek Abilkaiyr

Best Game: Linus Eisenberg (551 points)
Most cumulative upset points: Richard Ferraro, Jr. (1013 points)


2016 Champion
Annie Wang
First female
club Champion!

2017 Champion
Annie Wang
Two Years in a Row

2018 Champion
Anthony Ge

2019 Champion
You ???

6 rounds
Two Sections
Open & U1000

$25 entry fee
40 moves in 90 minutes followed by SD/30, 10-second delay
Registration begins at 7 PM on 15 February
Register in advance by E-mail to TD if possible
USCF & club membership both required
Free entry for all players rated 2400 or above
Entry fee will be deducted from any prize

Note: Entry fee is $25
Note: Guaranteed $1500 Prize Fund

2019 Prize Fund Distribution (different from last year):

1st thru 8th place prizes for ratings 1000-1499
Plus a $30 TD bonus for clear 1st place

1st thru 8th place prizes for ratings 1500-1899
Plus a $40 TD bonus for clear 1st place

1st thru 8th place prizes for ratings 1900 and above
Plus a $50 TD bonus for clear 1st place

Any player of any rating may of course play well enough to knock out much higher rated players and therefore receive a prize greater than their present rating allows.

Prizes will increase proportionately if enough players enter.

2019: Standings after round 1
2019: Tentative round 2 pairings
Posted Monday 18 February @ 9:20 PM
Tentative pairings are always subject to change without notice

2018: USCF Rated Final Standings

2018 Championship Final Prize List

Open Section
1st: Anthony Ge
2nd & 1st U2200: Daniel Manahan
2nd & 1st U2200: Alex He
2nd U2200: Axel Muller
2nd U2200: Alan Severino
2nd U2200: Raymond Armagnac
2nd U2200: Teddie Wen
1st & 2nd U2000: Aaron Sun
1st & 2nd U2000: Patrick Giles
1st & 2nd U2000: Tim Thompson
1st & 2nd U2000: Oscar Ortiz
1st & 2nd U2000: Philip Leung
1st & 2nd U2000: Samuel Katagi
1st & 2nd U1800: Yash Vora
1st & 2nd U1800: Grace Liang
1st U1600: Ryan Qu
2nd U1600: Sasha Patibandla
2nd U1600: Tanish Vora
2nd U1600: Kevin Teng
1st U1400: Patrick Giles, Jr.
1st U1200: Juan Henry
2nd U1200: Eric Teng
2nd U1200: Zhiqin Jiang
2nd U1200: Sam Vanis
2nd U1200: Gregg Spector

Junior Section
1st U1000, 900 & 800 Justin Lo
1st U1000, 900 & 800 Isaac Zhang
1st U1000, 900 & 800 Jessica Wang
1st U500: Clement Lee
1st U500: Arnav Aggarwal
1st U500: Thaddeus Philpot

Best Upset: Manu Prasad (610 points)
Most cumulative upset points: Kevin Teng (741 points)

03/29/2019 Annual


Blitz Chess

double rounds in groups of six Game/10, blitz rating system, $20 entry fee. USCF & club membership required

2018: PCC Final Standings
2018: USCF Rated Final Standings

Big News!!
Fifteen year old WIM Annie Wang, Champion of the Pasadena Chess Club for 2016 & 2017, won the 2017 World Youth Chess Championship for Girls Under 16, with a relentless score of 10½/11 a full 2½ points ahead of the 2nd place finisher.

Annie also came in 2nd place in the 2018 U.S. Women's Chess Championship. Annie & Nazi Paikidze tied at 8½/11 in the regular tournament, and split their two rapid playoff games, before Paikidze finally won the armageddon blitz game to take the title.

Congratulations to our high-achieving Club Champion! As of the May 2018 USCF rating list, Annie is the 3rd highest rated girl (under 21) in the country. As of the October 2018 FIDE rating list, Annie is the 6th highest rated girl (under 16) in the world.

2017 Youth Championship final standings
2018 U.S. Chess Championship
Annie's FIDE profile
Annie's USCF profile

The Pasadena Chess Club meets in the Elmer and Teen Slavik Memorial Building at the Boys and Girls Club, 3230 East Del Mar, Pasadena 91107 (between Rosemead Blvd and San Gabriel Blvd). It's on the south side of Del Mar. Use the west driveway to enter and the east driveway to exit. There is a large parking lot we can use, but occasional events in other buildings on Friday nights might not leave enough parking for everybody, but there is no time limit & no charge for parking on the streets after 6:00 PM, including Del Mar in front of the Boys & Girls Club.

The club will meet from 7:00 to roughly 11:15 PM. Anticipate that start time for all games will move to 7:15 PM sharp, so we can get out by about 11:15 PM with the same time control we use now (40/90, SD/30). But always expect delays on the night of 1st round due to registration.

Officers of the Pasadena Chess Club
Chief Tournament Director
Scott Hunt
schkjv at yahoo.com
Secretary & Treasurer Tim Thompson
timthompson3 at verizon.net

The Pasadena Chess Club Library
Online catalog
Online catalog for mobile devices (smart phones & etc).
Online instruction manual for library services software
Library policy PDF Document

As a result of a generous donation the Pasadena Chess Club now has available a substantial library of chess books that can be borrowed by members in good standing. To borrow books, contact one of the club officers before or after their tournament game (borrowing library books is an insufficient emergency to justify interrupting a tournament game).

When? Friday nights opening at 7:00 PM, tournament games start promptly at 7:15 PM. Check the schedule below to make sure we are not closed.

Where? Boys and Girls Club, 3230 East Del Mar, Pasadena 91107 (between Rosemead Blvd and San Gabriel Blvd). See description at the top of this page.

The Pasadena Chess Club is one of the older chess clubs still extant in Southern California. During the 1930's the club successfully hosted a number of international competitions, which included the participation of Alexander Alekhine, then world chess champion. Past events include successful simultaneous exhibitions by SM Levon Altunian and IM Jack Peters (chess columnist for the Los Angeles Times), and the Tim Pellant Memorial Masters Open.

The Champions of the Pasadena Chess Club
A list of champions of the Pasadena Chess Club follows. We don't know who was champion prior to 1967. There was no champion in 1994 because the championship tournament was unexpectedly interrupted when we lost our meeting venue and it was never completed.

1967 Donald Cotton
1968 Andrew Vinock
1969 Alan Carpenter
1970 Don Bicknell
1971 Al Larsen
1972 Greg Francis
1973 Al Larsen
1974 Greg Francis
1975 Jerome Hanken
1976 Neilen Hultgren
1977 Don Bicknell
1978 Rob Salgado
1979 Rob Salgado
1980 Charles Novitski
1981 William Pennucci
1982 William Pennucci
1983 Tim Pellant
1984 Bobby Avila
1985 Don Bicknell
1986 Don Bicknell
1987 Francisco Alonso
1988 Don Bicknell
1989 Don Bicknell
1990 Mel Tyner
1991 Michael Zachary
1992 Matthew Beelby
1993 Andy Sacks
1994 no champion
1995 Matthew Beelby
1996 William Longren
1997 Levon Altounian
1998 Levon Altounian & Mark Saylor
1999 Matthew Beelby
2000 Randy Hough
2001 Levon Altounian
2002 Tonci Korsano Saavedra
2003 William Longren
2004 Mike Zaloznyy
2005 Randy Hough
2006 Chris Lee
2007 Dave Matson
2008 Tianyi He
2009 Konstantin Kavutskiy
2010 Jesse Victoria
2011 Yusheng Xia
2012 Yusheng Xia
2013 IM Tim Taylor
2014 Alexander Xie
2015 Albert Lu
2016 WIM Annie Wang
2017 WIM Annie Wang
2018 Anthony Ge