Exploring Bumpass Hell

Exploring the deadly confines of Bumpass Hell. The "Green Pool" and "Grey Pool" are actually just one pool, officially dubbed "West Pyrite Pool", so far as I can tell. The color clearly comes from stuff disolved in the water, but what that might be I really don't know. The two tone color scheme is most peculiar. The weather was warm, but not hot. But the Bumpass Hell water was boiling in places, which happens at 198F at this altitude. The highest recorded water temperature was 248F. We don't dip our toes anywhere around here. The guy who discovered Bumpass Hell, Kendall Vanhook Bumpass, lost a leg from burns when he broke through the thin crust into hot water.

Two-tone West Pyrite Pool

Unlike Bumpass, we will stay on the boardwalk

We laugh at danger

A little bubbling mud

A lot of bubbling mud

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