The Grand Canal of Venice - Part Four

In Part Four we continue to look over some of the buildings along the Grand Canal of Venice

Sunday, April 1, 2001; 11:40 AM

Here is the Hotel Marconi, right on the Grand Canal. The Rialto Bridge is a turn of the head to the right, just out of the picture. The hotel staff all spoke English quite well. The rooms were small, but so is everything else in Venice. The hotel seemed to cater to quite a few foreign visitors, and was about the only place to find a non-Italian breakfast. Only two of the canal-view windows are hotel rooms, the rest are private apartments.

Sunday, April 1, 2001; 11:40 AM

Archivio Storico delle Arti Contemporanee, the Venice museum of contemporary art.

Sunday, April 1, 2001; about noon

Several of the buildings along the Grand Canal show obvious signs of having been modified somewhere along the way. Here you can see along the bottom of the building that the old arched windows were filled in and replaced with smaller windows, along with other signs of old features being replaced.

Monday, April 2, 2001; 6:00 PM

I think this building houses part of the local Academy of Sciences.

For more pictures along the Grand Canal, Part Five will be forthcoming.

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