Adventures in Entropy

If ever there was a concept destined to be universally misunderstood, entropy must be it. Both as a word, and as an idea, entropy may be the most misused of all scientific notions. With luck, I will be able to do something about that.

I have written a few of my own webpages to deal with entropy, and hopefully to deal with it right. Entropy, as is usually the case in real science, has a foundation in both physics and mathematics. If one waters down this foundation for popular consumption, one runs the risk of telling a story that is just plain wrong. On the other hand, if one plays it up too much, the non mathematical or non scientific audience is lost in the woods. So I try to find that happy middle ground, and say enough about the mathematics & physics to be sure I am right, while trying at the same time, to make enough of what I say clear to the reader, such that your understanding will not be damaged by lack of articulation.

So, with this page as a front end, I will list my own pages, plus other resources laying around the WWW that I figure are worth looking at. Perhaps if my rendition doesn't work, somebody elses will. In either case, I hope that starting here, even the most difficult of students, can learn something real about entropy, and the thermodynamics that goes with it.

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