My Interest in Astronomy

A Brief Resume

I have always had an interest in astronomy and science. However, as my brief resume shows, I have never been able to keep my nose out of things. I always want to know what the people I pay dues to are doing with that money, I always wind up going to board meetings to find out who they are, and I always wind up as a member of the board myself. It's like some unknown force of nature compels me to get involved. Actually, I like being part of the decison making process, I like to think I have an effect on how things are done, and what decisions are eventually made. So far I seem to have done a reasonably good job at it.

But, I don't just enjoy running astronomical organizations, I enjoy the practice, and history of astronomy. I do own my own telescope, an 80 millimeter Meade refractor (f12 I think, I can never remember), but I don't very often use it. I prefer to go to star parties and look through everybody elses telescopes; they're mostly bigger and better than mine anyway. I also like to use my Orion Ultra View binoculars, especially on the summer Milky Way.

Part of my excitement comes from dealing with the public, at public star parties, or by giving a talk, or by leading an observatory tour, or just showing the sky to somebody who has never looked at it before. Another part of my excitement comes from my own natural inquisitiveness. I am a physicist by education, and by predilection, and I enjoy astrophysics. I like to try to understand as best I can, what I see in the telescope. Despite the non-astronomers first impression, they really are not all just a lot of fuzzy blobs.

If you are reading this page, and you are not an astronomer, but you are thinking maybe astronomy might be interesting, go for it. Check the Sky & Telescope Astro Directory of clubs, planetaria, museums and observatories. Its coverage is world wide. That's where you will find the people who can get you started, by showing you the sky as you may never have seen it before. If all else fails, send me E-mail and we'll get you started.

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